Make great applications with PHP

simply put: This framework is easy to learn.

Read through this user guide, and you'll be all set to develop with PIE.

Installing PIE Instructions on how to set up the framework on your computer.
Your First App This is a walk-through tutorial. The rest of the guide explains.
Configuring Apps Covers setting up your app, and dealing with configuration.
Routing All about base URLs, internal URIs, modules and actions
Events Talks about handling events in your application, as well as hooks.
Modules Information about modules and un-routing URIs to URLs.
Output Covers slots, views, HTML, themes, css, and javascript.
Forms Discusses error handling, sessions, preventing attacks, etc.
Javascript Asynchronous requests to the server, timestamps, and more.
Tools Talks about creating re-usable, self-contained components.
Database Learn about PIE's database abstraction layer and its benefits.
Classes and Models Generating models, and autoloading classes at runtime.
Scripts and Proxies Some technical information about using PIE as a library
users plugin Be off to a running start with all sorts of user-related functionality out of the box.
items plugin Currently in development, this plugin implements tags, ratings and much more.
streams plugin A very advanced system that can power distributed social networks, in a plugin.